Crossing the gap between live instrumentation and digital production, this EP release pits Bristol-based producer Bleecker against the resonant tones of Hang Massive. The music of Hang Massive has always been noticeably influenced by a variety of electronic music genres of which a great example of that is their well known track ‘ Once Again ‘ which has a distinctively trancey or housey feel. The original track appears on this EP alongside a brooding house version from Bleecker that channels the emotive tones of the hang into a driving, detailed blend of organics and mechanics.

This EP also features Craig R Ninjah a fellow Bristol based hand-panist who contributes with performances on the two massive tracks ‘ Hathta Rhythm ‘ and ‘ Ram “. Both tracks explore the creative potential of this kind of digital and acoustic fusion with great effect.

Bleecker is certainly well placed to approach this kind of sound source, having embraced the detail and intricacy of found sound production and live instruments with his previous releases as Wedge, and his more recent material for labels such as Apple Pips.