As It Is

As It Is is the second live album release from Hang Massive and presents a serious upgrade in the offerings of the hang playing duo. Two years after their debut album ‘ Beats For Your Feet ‘ was recorded, ‘ As It Is ‘ demonstrates a new solidity in playing style, an increased sensitivity of touch and a truly amazing audio recording of the hang. The album provides an epic journey throughout and truly demonstrates the depth, tone and spacious essence of this magical instrument.

Hang Massive have an obvious love for electronic music and different genres of electronica have inspired these compositions. The vibe is upbeat, fat and hypnotic and the audio recording beautifully captures the sumptuous bass of the hangs powerfully tuned steel roots. The sensitive nature of the hang is also fully honoured as the album progresses with some beautiful down tempo tracks, peaking and releasing with an blissful piece featuring Swedish guitar pioneer Mattias Windemo.


CD As It Is | £10
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1 Intro | Name Your Price |
2 Omat Odat | Name Your Price |
3 From The View | Name Your Price |
4 Once Again | Name Your Price |
5 Skanegatan | Name Your Price |
6 Released Upon Inception | Name Your Price |
7 Kanthi Song | Name Your Price |
8 At Last | Name Your Price |
9 Cloudless | Name Your Price |
10 Sky Like Eyes | Name Your Price |
11 Thingless Things | Name Your Price |
12 Outro | Name Your Price |

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