Autumn Tour 2017

We are currently on an huge tour of Europe playing 35 concerts in 20 countries. We are joined and supported by some amazing friends and performers. You can find info and media from the tour here.

Hang Massive

Hang Massive is English and Swedish duo Danny Cudd and Markus Offbeat. They posted their first online video in 2011 which has now been seen more than 100 million times worldwide. In the years since then the duo has collaborated with many international artists as well as experimenting with their own sound and style of music and production.

In the past years they have been touring extensively around the world performing all over Europe, India, Australia and Russia. This year is their third large tour of Europe.

They are excited to be joined on this years tour by many good friends and amazing performers who all bring exciting and varied new flavours to the show.

Hang Massive plan to make a new album over the winter months which will be time spent in India.

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Victoria Grebezs - Hang Massive Autumn Tour 2017

Victoria Grebezs

Victoria has been travelling the world for as long as she remembers. Born in the UK with roots in Latvia, she is passionate about global culture and the power of Music and Art to inspire and bring people together.

An effortlessly captivating singer-songwriter and an exceptional Hang player, Victoria’s music is unique with its contemporary sound and unforgettable sincerity.

Victoria has worked with a host of global artists and producers and is featured on a number of Hang Massive releases including the most recent electronic fusion album ’Distant Light’.  As their long-time collaborator, Victoria is excited to be joining them for the third time on an international tour.

Offstage, Victoria is developing new performance with the exciting Massive Vibe Live! Empowerment Through Music platform.

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Govardo Lille - Hang Massive Autum Tour 2017


Govardo is the stage name for Anglo-American duo Jack Rose & Dom Sky. They started writing songs while living in rural India – a wild yet profoundly peaceful place that inspired a fresh sound rooted in the intimacy of classic finger style guitar and male harmonies.

Often compared to Simon and Garfunkel – with soaring vocals and a unique falsetto, these modern day minstrels perform spontaneously on the streets of Europe surprising lucky passers by drawn to the energy of these self-styled ancient sun worshippers.

The acoustic duo has traveled over 25,000km all around the UK and Europe captivating thousands of people with their performances. Govardo are excited to join their friends Hang Massive as they continue spreading their magic together on this beautiful Autumn Tour 2017.