Hang Massive


Support our Fund Raising Project for a New Album.

We are making a new album and we would love YOU to be a part of that. We have teamed up with Pledge Music to conduct an exciting and interactive fundraising campaign to raise funds for this next musical adventure.

We will be working with some great friends and fellow musicians to make this happen. The campaign is set up in a way that you pre-order items from the store and once the album is completed, we send the music and any thing else you have ordered out to you ! There are loads of cool items on offer including exclusive merchandise, private concerts, meetings with the band and more. Thanks to a massive support we have reached the initial target, however you can still support the project by pre-ordering the album and the many other items still on offer. We would love your support. You can see the duration of the campaign and how many days there are to go until the release date of the album and also the percentage raised so far in the header above. It has been super exciting so far and we can’t wait to crack on with making the music. If you pledge to support the campaign you will have access to regular and exclusive updates as we move through all stages of making the album. We will post sneak previews of works in progress, you will be the first to hear new tracks as well as having access to behind the scenes footage from the studio and beyond.

Check the link out here: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/hangmassive
Click on the header above.