Hang Massive

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Welcome to the home of Hang Massive and the Hang Music Label.

The Hang, often referred to as a Hang Drum, is a modern instrument made in Switzerland since the year 2000. All of the instruments are hand crafted by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer in Berne and came about as a result of many years of working with metal in the production of traditional steel pans. After around 12 years their work has now led to the production of a new instrument that is known as the Gubal.

Here on our site you will find a whole world of Hang based music in a wide variety of styles and covering many genres. You can find pure acoustic music to sooth and relax, enlivening world music to inspire and evoke and fat electronica to get your feet moving and the party grooving.

With over 10 Million YouTube views, Hang Massive are pioneers in this expanding world and here you can find all of their music, booking and gig information as well as videos, merchandise and all links to social media. Follow them on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Soundcloud and Instagram

All of our music downloads are available on a donation basis and we encourage you to listen, download, share and enjoy. If you can make a donation to support our mission that is great and this can be done when downloading music or via any of the donate buttons.